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Athletes embrace cutting-edge doctors, methods to speed recovery

USA Today—February 22, 2010

The menu of treatment options for sports injuries has never been richer, as old staples such as anterior cruciate ligament and Tommy John surgeries have been joined by new alternatives such as PRP, minimally invasive sports hernia surgery, low-intensity laser therapy and prolotherapy.

In addition, Hospital for Special Surgery surgeon David Altchek, the New York Mets' medical director, reports encouraging results in a new procedure to repair rotator cuff tears in pitchers.

Doctors Athletes Rely on:

Shoulders: David Altchek, Hospital for Special Surgery. The New York Mets medical director often gets players referred to him by other teams. Altchek is optimistic about a new approach for repairing torn rotator cuffs that's tailored to pitchers. His patients have included Jason Kidd, Jorge Posada and Mike Hampton.

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