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Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery

# 1 in Sports Medicine, Shoulder, Knee and Elbow Surgery


Tommy John Surgeries Increasing for Youth Athletes

JULY 12, 2015


Walk your way to fitness this summer

June 10, 2016

Five benefits of flexibility exercises for your bones and joints

November 04, 2015

Regenerative Medicine (PRP and Stem Cells)

Regenerative medicine is a game-changing area of medicine with the potential to accelerate healing, repair damaged tissues, and improve pain and function.

Tommy John Surgery:
Elbow UCL Reconstruction
by Dr. Larry Padgett
Orthopedic Surgery Sports Medicine Arthroscopy Winter Haven Florida

World Class Physician and Providers

The Advanced Orthopedic Surgery staff incorporates the clinical, educational, and investigational aspects of athletic injuries to treat athletes playing at the high school, college and professional levels, as well as recreational athletes from every age group.

The Orthopedic Team treats the full spectrum of orthopedic and injuries in children and adults, not only in organizational contexts such as high school, college, and professional athletics but in the care of recreational athletes, such as golf and tennis. More than 700 procedures are performed annually, including arthroscopic procedures on the knee, shoulder, elbow, and ankle.

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As a patient at Advanced Orthopedic Surgery, you are our priority, even before you walk in our door for your first evaluation. To facilitate your care and maximize the efficient use of your valuable time, in this section of our Web site, you’ll find useful resources.

To make an appointment, you will need to fill out the following forms. Simply download them, and fill them out. Bring them to your appointment to expedite your office visit. 

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Sports Medicine & Arthroscopic Surgery

- All Shoulder Injuries

- Knee Injuries including Meniscus and ACL    Reconstruction


- Elbow Injuries and Reconstructions


- Utilizing the Newest Technology

- Rotator Cuff and Impingement

Larry Padgett Shoulder Knee Hip and Sports Arthroscopy Orthopedic Surgeon
What You Need to Know 
Before Choosing a Surgeon

- Knowing the right questions to ask

- When is the right time to have surgery

- Exploring non-invasive alternatives

Larry Padgett Shoulder Knee Hip and Sports Arthroscopy Orthopedic Surgeon
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